What we offer

A chance to discover the world of non-formal education, to get acquainted with its principles and methods that will give you an opportunity to develop new life skills through different kinds of activities


Non-formal education is a crucial element that turns your knowledge into an unforgettable experience. The process of non-formal learning is shared and designed in such a way that it creates an environment in which the learner becomes the architect of his or her development.


Striving for excellence by improving your personality is highly encouraged in the modern world. We will guide and help you in the desire to be an active member of society and develop necessary competencies apart from those formed in the framework of formal education.


Exploring new cultures has never been more exciting. Traveling, learning, and sharing your ideas at the same time allows you to broaden your worldview from different perspectives and teaches you to appreciate every single travel, acquaintance, and experience.

About us

We provide different mobility opportunities for Ukrainian youth in order to foster their personal development

We strongly believe that it is never too late to learn and make changes in your life. Therefore, we can give you a chance to understand what is so special about non-formal education and how it can change your way of thinking and bring some new perspectives into your life.

Our organization is united by the idea that young people are the driving force of society. That is why, we want to encourage you not only to travel and discover the world but also to organize some local activities in your city, which would spread the idea of tolerance, cultural diversity, and active citizenship.


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local projects


international activities




The Stella team consists of 3 people who have considerable experience in youth work

Iryna Tomenko


My priority is to support young people and bring positive emotions into people’s lives

Kateryna Nefidova


I believe that there is nothing impossible - the obstacles we have are only in our minds

Nika Bunziak

EVS Coordinator

Happiness is to live in harmony with the reality in which we find ourselves


It is a great pleasure for me to collaborate with NGO "Stella"! It provided me with an excellent opportunity to expand my civic society network and helped me in sharing experiences of youth initiatives in my own sphere of minority rights protection.
Oleksiy Kurinniy

I love "Stella" because they really strive to change something in our society for better, they have strong social position and of course because you can travel with them.
Oleksandra Khaninova

Active and conscious people, very helpful and supportive who provide you with new opportunities for personal development and expand the limits of your perception of the world.
Yevhenii Bosiuk

I am very grateful to "Stella" for giving me a chance to participate in an international training under Erasmus+. It helped me to meet incredible people, and most importantly - inspired me for local social activity. Such projects change your perception of the world and teach how to love each other and to make our world more tolerant and kind. Thank you, "Stella"!
Anastasiia Kostina

As far as I know, "Stella" is one of the youngest youth-led NGOs in Ukraine. However, it has a great team of professionals who really care about their members and participants. Thank you "Stella", and good luck!
Ievgen Ivashenko

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