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Glocality - Resilience in Reality, Sweden

That's the first half of my volunteering period. It's been 5 months since I live in a beautiful country of forests, lakes, fairies, elves, vikings and beautiful people. It seems just yesterday, I was finishing my work in Kyiv and only dreamt of living in Sweden.

My volunteering project takes place near a beautiful city of Jarna, 50 km from Stockholm, in the magical eco-village called Charlottendals Gard.



The main ideas of our project are:

- eco-conscious lifestyle;

- assistance in various areas of farm life;

- community life (mutual assistance, mutual celebrations, evenings, conversations)

- assistance in organizing events;

- construction work (mainly of wood);

- assistance in repairing bicycles;

- permaculture, biodynamics, gardening.



We learn, experience and have a great time by participating in all these projects and some other activities. There is also enough time for rest, self-development and travel. Personally, I have already hitchhiked the mountains of Norway.

Together with two other volunteers (a girl from Italy and a boy from France) we have created a great friendly team. We live together in a picturesque wooden house, next to a forest, a pond where ducks live, squirrels, hedgehogs and naked people are running around (because there is a sauna next to our house).



One of the main assets I have in this wonderful place is people. Positive, open, magical, unusual, creative personalities. I have plunged into a new way of life, a new culture, new natural and weather conditions.

This is one of the best times of my life. There is another 5 months of volunteering ahead. Every day brings new challenges and new achievements.

I'm happy.


Andree Kuznetsov, Kyiv