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Vikings village, Lithuania

Being chosen a way to spend summer break for study, I thought for a long time about what can combine useful and curious for me simultaneously . Thanks to NGO Stella, I saw an announcement of a short-term EVS recruitment for Lithuania and decided - why not to try to apply? I`m fine in working with children there was a requirement to do sports and play with children. Actually, I went through all the selection stages (questionnaire + interview) and ended up in the Baltic. Having a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of International Relations, I was also interested in political, economic, cultural and social dimensions of the  region.


There was also a volunteer from Georgia, we were provided by a two-room apartment,  have been receiving  pocket and food money + reimbursed for our flight. We volunteered in a village (by Ukrainian dimensions) where NGO Vikingu Kaimas was located. The terrain was unbelievably  impressive. If you want to take a break from the noisy cities and be in harmony with nature, then you are right there. Cooking, playing with children, doing sports, participating in festivals of ancient culture (Viking period) – not even  a complete list of what I have had the opportunity to experience and participate in for almost two months. I visited about 7 cities in Lithuania, the Baltic Sea, the largest lake in the country, the resorts of Lithuania - it was so magnificent  and fantastic! I`ve  learned several Lithuanian phrases, opened the Ukrainian culture to the Lithuanians, met an incredible number of intelligent and interesting people, participated in a 10 km marathon (dedicated to the day of the city where we lived), tasted traditional Lithuanian cuisine - in short, integrated into this environment.


And for a minute, I do not regret choosing this summer option; grateful to the NGO Stella for the provided opportunity and, of course, I appreciate by a Lithuanian hospitality. I went there for the first time, but not the last - 100%.

Ačiū Lietuvai! Aš grįšiu!

Dmytro Mamaiev