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Strengthening Cooperation, Czech Republic

It’s already 2 month I’m in Czech Republic, but it goes so fast. So many things already done - first Czech words, a lot of new places and countries,  millions of awesome people from all the world. One of the best moment of my EVS project is that I stay in the second largest town of Czech Republic! There are a lot of worth thing to see and to do for everyday.



But at the same time I don’t want to underrate my sending, hosting and coordinating organization, because that’s the people who make me feel welcome and comfortable during my EVS activity, you are doing a good job, thank you!



I don’t know is it only about me, but I feel like Czech people are always worried about have you had lunch or not. It’s so weird. Even more that drinking a beer every day (Hey, stereotypes).



Such situations show me that even being Slavic person in Slavic country you may have the cultural gap. Till now it was only positive cultural shock, I truly admire Czech people with their active lifestyle and open-minded position.



So if you have any doubts about participation in EVS programs, go ahead, take this chance and change your life forever!


Vitalii Zinchenko, 19 years old, Lviv