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Youth involved in social and cultural project, France

Hello! My name is Kateryna and I'm an EVS volunteer in a city of L'Aigle in France, in Normandy. My first impressions of the country, project and people are very good. My project will last one year until the end of August 2018, and it is linked with culture, media and the promotion of international mobility among young people. There are two of us on the project: me and a girl from Portugal. Our main tasks here are assistance in various events of our organization, city and region and active cooperation with the team of web radio



The first two months of our volunteering are very active and rich on events: we met a huge number of people, participated in various activities related to international mobility, spent a week in southern France on a workshop for EVS volunteers, spent several days in Paris and we are already well adapted to life in a small city.



This month, we started our own radio program "People who dance", where we present Ukrainian and Portuguese music. We also participated in many programs with our colleagues, and this experience is very valuable: firstly, it has a very profound effect on language learning, and secondly, now I can talk with a microphone quite easily. I also try to study the technical side of the radio, because I am very interested in it, and my colleagues never mind explaining how everything works.



As for learning the language: I studied French before and at the time of my arrival I had the level B1, but during my first days I could neither understand fast speech nor formulate the phrase. The fact that your level of language at home and abroad is very different, is actually true. Now comparing to September, I can say that a month or two is enough to adapt: ​​I understand everything my French colleagues say, I understand 50% of jokes and I can talk at normal speed. Also, according to French people, I have almost no accent that makes me very happy :) At the same time, I feel that if I work during another couple of months I will be able to express my thoughts more freely and now I am actively studying to pass the DELF B2 test in December.


Kateryna Bilobrova, 22 years old, Kyiv