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Working on getting a job, Italy

The increasing rate of unemployment among youth is one of the main problems of contemporary societies which can be observed in many countries. The problem may have various roots and it is obvious that before fighting unemployment, youngsters should be aware of its practical reasons and should analyze their own skills, knowledge, potential, strengths and weaknesses. The youth exchange “Working on getting a job” set as its main goals the empowerment of youngsters and their active engagement in social life, development of interpersonal skills for better communication, contribution into increasing of employment level among young people through acquiring new skills and knowledge which would help them to raise their self-esteem and would encourage them to take an active part in society and be the initiators of positive changes. With the help of non-formal learning methods, creative workshops, debates and simulation games all the participants had a chance to understand better their strengths and weaknesses, to gain practical knowledge and competencies for their future employment, to enhance motivation for the life-long learning and to become aware of the important values of the European Union. 

The youth exchange “Working on getting a job” brought together 42 youngsters from Italy, Poland, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus and Ukraine. The main activities were held between 4 and 16 March 2016 in Catania, Italy. Together young and active representatives of the countries mentioned above first tried to analyse the causes of unemployment and then, they searched for possible ways to overcome them. This project gave lots of food for thought and inspired participants to start seeing employability from a different perspective. If you do not have a job, maybe it is a perfect chance for you to go volunteering, to travel, to organize an event in your native town or just to educate yourself?

During the youth exchange participants had a chance to develop their communication and management skills; gained the necessary competence in writing a good CV and a motivation letter applying for a position in a company; gained knowledge about different social media tools and created a video CV; were given advice on how to get ready for the job interview and practiced one; discovered the best entrepreneural practices and tried to think up their own business model; learned about international support programmes for unemployed youth and opportunities for cooperation under ERASMUS+ Programme; gained knowledge on entrepreneurship; practiced writing a business plan; experienced the teamwork and focused on their present and future. Participation in this youth exchange also gave youngsters a chance to discover Italian culture, way of life, traditions and explore Catania. In addition, a trip to Mount Etna and Taormina, one of the most charming towns on Sicily, was organized for the participants.

Kharkiv non-governmental association for active youth "Stella" together with our Ukrainian group that took part in a project, would like to thank NGO “Identities” (Italy), all other partner organizations, participants and group leaders for their contribution to the youth exchange. We are looking forward to meeting all of you in future youth projects!