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tHRead: techniques for Human Rights, Ukraine

From 25 September until 1 October 2016, NGO "Stella" together with its Russian and Georgian partners, AEGEE Moskva and youth association DRONI, successfully implemented the second phase of the bigger common project. The peace building meeting took place in Kharkiv and gathered 30 participants from Russia, Georgia and Ukraine.

The need of this peace meeting lied in the political situation and relationship of these three countries. By analyzing the causes of ;conflict (and violence) and promoting intercultural dialogue, this project therefore aimed to address threats to peace, security and social cohesion and thus, tried to prevent the negative impact of political conflicts between these countries. Human rights education emerges as central strategy to address conflict and accelerate progress towards achieving peace.

The main aim of this project was to raise awareness of young generation of the importance of human rights education, intercultural dialogue and international cooperation that leads to continuous peace and equips young people with tools to combat social injustice and conflicts. The main issues addressed during the project were human rights, non-violent communication and no hate speech campaign.

During the project participants were able to increase knowledge and understanding about Human Rights, Human Rights Education and no hate speech movement; develop competencies needed for using different tools for conflict resolution and improve skills of communication as the way of conflict resolution. ;

Participants had a chance to visit an amazing performance “Pie of parallel realities” performed by the theatre of immigrants. Afterwards, they discussed it as well as political situation in their countries with actors. Participants also visited NGO “Station Kharkiv” – one of the most important organisations that helps internally displaced people in Kharkiv.

NGO «Stella» and its team would like to thank all partner organizations, participants and trainers for their contribution to the project. Special thanks to European Youth Foundation and Council of Europe for financial help in order to implement this great project!