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Open Eyes, Latvia

Hello everyone! I’m Tania. In May 2019 I came back from wonderful adventure called EVS. I was volunteering for a year in a youth center in Jelgava, Latvia.



Somehow many people think that Latvia has nothing interesting to offer. Well, I cannnot agree with it. I fell in love with Latvia, its nature, people and deep culture. While being there I was discovering Latvia piece by piece every single day. Yet stil, there is a lot left to discover. Latvia became home to my soul. I really felt home there. In Latvia all young people speak English and the older generation speak Russian. So, for me there was no problem socializing in a foreign coutry. Latvians might seem as cold people at first. However, when you make a friend among them, you have a true friend for life. I am super lucky to have friends among local people there.

However, I also made good friends all around Europe. EVS really unites people. Thanks to ERASMUS+ trainings organised for EVS volunteers, I met people from from Portugal, Italy, Armenia, Turkey, Poland and so many more countries. Together with other volunteers we organised events all over Latvia. During the day we worked for the good of Latvian society. During the nights we made best parties that Latvia has ever seen ;)



Moreover, I travelled a lot during this year. I visited Estona, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Slovenia, Poland and Germany.

It was very hard and sad to leave Latvia but, hey, there are new adventures there waiting for me.

I really encourage everyone to visit Latvia and do EVS. You will have memories that will keep you warm fort the rest of your life!

You can watch a video from the project following this link.


Tetiana Zubenia, 27, Kyiv