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European Quality in Youth Projects, Romania

Between 6 and 14 May 2016, the representatives of NGO Stella took part in an international training course “European Quality in Youth Projects” (EQYP) ;which was hosted by GEYC organization (Romania) and was held in Bucharest within ERASMUS+ framework. The TC brought together 35 active youth workers and leaders who see the need in raising quality of international projects. The main aim of “EQYP” was to explore the principle features of youth projects, tools for measuring the impact on different levels and to ensure the visibility of dissemination activities. The key word for all the activities was “quality”. Participants were able to gain new knowledge and develop their project management skills through non-formal education methods.

During six full days of learning the participants had a chance to explore the most important parts of quality project management, to share their experience related to organization and participation in different local and international youth projects, to build partnerships for future cooperation and to learn more about particular details of youth work in every country represented during the project. One of the main goals of the TC was to develop a quality standard for youth projects which could serve as a guide through preparation and implementation phases of any project.

All the activities performed during the TC focused mostly on personal development and leadership skills of the participants, the analysis of their own capabilities and learning outcomes. Appreciating education in all possible shapes, including its formal, non-formal and informal means, trainers and facilitators addressed the needs of participants for relevant and useful information and provided them with tools in the spheres of qualitative project management, communication and negotiation, branding and financial planning.

We would like to thank Gabriel, Ana Maria, Ramona, Diana, Natalia and everyone who contributed into the implementation of this training course! It was a very useful and inspiring experience on different levels. The team of Stella will be glad to put all the gained knowledge into practice and will work harder on organizing youth projects of a great quality in future not only on the local but also on the international level.