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Creative Ambassadors of the Cultures, Latvia

It has been already half of my EVS project “Creative Ambassadors of the Cultures” in Rezekne, Latvia. The first thing that I want to say is that I am not the same person who came here 7 months ago. I became much more confident and more social. I developed my communication skills and improved my English. I traveled, met new people and discovered cities. I do not have a lot of friends here because I have close friendship with volunteers in my flat. Although, I found one very good Latvian friend and I am planning to keep in touch with her.

My leisure time is different here, sometimes it is interesting, sometimes – not. Weather in Latvia is very unpredictable. It can change 5 times a day or more. Usually we go to the lake or river with friends or organize meetings at home. Sometimes we go to the concerts in local kebab place or just stay at home and play games. Rezekne has many events such as "Seven Hills" festival where we also worked as volunteers.


Every day I have some activities. I have English club twice a week, we have few workshops per month and other events for local community. Now we are planning movie evenings and poetry performance. In addition, I help creative groups from Cultural House of National Minorities with posters and invitation for their concerts. There is not much work in summer as almost everyone is on vacation but we are planning some activities anyway. My organization is very good. Our coordinator gives us space for creativity but at the same time helps us to find new interesting activities and guides us. In my organization I feel like in a big family.

Anna Naumchuk, 23 from Rivne