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All about you, Finland


The training course “All About you” took place in Sauvo (Turku), Finland between 16 and 21 June 2017. It was a project about sexual education, which was aimed to provide new innovative non-formal methodology for the youth workers.The project was developed according to the needs of involved partners and target groups youth workers are working with.

“All About You” gathered participants from 6 different countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia and Finland. Friendly and cosy atmosphere in “Ahtela” camping site combined with carefully prepared teambuilding exercises resulted in creating fruitful working environment. Youth leaders shared perceptions about what they think sexual education is according to their experience and presented forms in which sex education exists in their countries with its achievements and challenges. They received a new prospective not only about sex education in Europe, but also in different parts of the world, such as, for example, United States and Australia.

Youth leaders from different countries were provided with up to date information about sexual education and 3 main sub topics: sexual education in general, teenage pregnancy and methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases. The training course was also focused on equipping participants with skills, to make them able to work with challenging cultural environment (target groups with specific religious, social, cultural and traditional background).

During 6 days participants explored the sensitive topic of sexual education. This resulted in creating certain acting plans in order to start delivering sex education among target groups in each country.“All About You” training course was the start of non-formal methodology in sex education topic. It could be a beginning of sex education topic in most of the participant countries. We truly believe that this project can be a life changing not only for participant youth workers, but also for their target groups as well. Sex education is the right which should have any person regardless their place of residence, religious, social or economic background, this project was dedicated to educate youth workers and make them multipliers, who will later give the chance to young people to use their right and improve their quality of life, have healthy sex, relationships and share their knowledge with their peers as well.

We are very thankful to NGO “Stella” and Turku Youth Service, especially Hasan Habib for management, Georgi Kikalishvili for logisticts, Anna Sirbiladze and Ekuna Gogoberishvili for providing training and Finnish team in particular for being hospitable and friendly.