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Youth exchange "Employability guide to graduates of high school"

My personal project slogan is NO, but YES.

If I were asked: "What is your biggest emotional memorial on the project?"

I would definitely answer - that I have taught almost all foreign participants of the project to pronounce correctly - Pustomyty) and believe me it was not so easy.

In general, participation in this project is a completely joyful and emotionally deep memory. Because exactly here, you meet an old friend who met the project 2 years ago, this is where you motivate people to sport and they catch you up and say: I can do more, it is here that the borders are erased and you are already a new nation, since you have a common goal and purpose.



As the head of the Georgian NGO "ProActive Group Georgia" wrote on his facebook page: "Ukraine is always a good idea." I am proud that I was a participant in the host country. It's super cool. And even very responsible.

So, the location is Pustomyty, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine.



Topic: Employability guide to graduates of high school. Super important topic as you have guessed. But the program was built in such a way that everything was super-seriously perceived simply-easily and in high.

Participants from 7 countries: Ukraine, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Georgia. And all as one with burning eyes and an open heart to a new experience.

During this time, which we spent together, we had everything: and serious training sessions, and emotional, and singing, and dancing, and parties, and excursions, and sunny weather, and rain.

I want to highlight sessions in which we were able to consider certain moments and issues related to the theme of the project through performance, plus it was on the beach, added a certain entourage and animated the scenery, and a role theater, in which you can influence the development of actions in a representation that shows to each of us: the solutions to the problem are as many as there are people. Another interesting experience was the creation of his own project with a group of like-minded people and his presentation. Still, I think our project was the best :)



Many thanks to the organizers NGO "Stella" for the tour to Lviv. At first, there was a quest to allow our brains a little bit to be active, then to search for  nice place for lunch and of course an attempt to feed the guests of our country with something traditional, and of course some pictures for memory. Well, a gourmet dinner in a super-cool place - Kryivka, where everyone felt like a true bender.



And I think that when the life of each of us does not sound enough, we can make it louder!


Alona Boiko, Mykolaiv