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Volunteering with the elderly of the town of Porec, Croatia

Hello everyone from super nice town of PoreČ, Croatia. 6 months of my EVS project have already passed here. Time flied very fast. Sometimes I just want to stop it because  I realize another 5 months will pass very fast also.  And I have planned so many interesting things, 11 months won`t be enough to accept and digest everything what happened to me on this adventure – impressions from the country and its culture, new interesting  people, trips, concerts and festivals.  All these happened to me in  6 months.  That`s the life I wanted. I`m happy with my job. It is pleasure to come to work and feel that someone needs and waits for you. I work in a retirement house -  all old women and men treat me like their grandchild – with love and care. So it is not hard for me to work without days off. Why do I work  on weekends (not every weekend, just sometimes)? Just because I have the best boss and I`m allowed to take vacations which I use for my trips and then work them off on weekends. 22-day vacation (stated by the programm) is just not enough for my trips. 



I was lucky to visit Madrid, Zagreb, cross Italy hitchhiking (Triest – Roma – Pisa – National Park – Chinque-Terre – Parma – Florence – Venice), spontaneusly go home to Ukraine. Now I have tickets to Brussels and more trips are planned. Hitchhiking and couchsurfing – are my best friends in this.

It seems only after coming to this project I started to live truly.

My adventures:



Now a couple of words about hosting organization – it is called  “Dom PoreČ,  za stare I nemocne”, shortly -  a retirement house. There are about 95 old people plus 50 persons of staff. The house is new (built about 10 years ago) , tidy and nice.  Besides of me there is another volunteer girl from Spain. The work is interesting, 3 times a week we are having workshops, where we learn how to draw, paint, do different handicrafts. Afterwards – we decorate rooms and corridors with these pieces of art. Old people are very please to see their works on the walls. If the weather is nice, we go for a walk for example, to a forest nearby. Every last Thursday of a month we celebrate birthdays of all people born in this month, arrange and decorate a space, eat delicious cake, sing and dance. On Fridays we play Tombola (aka Bingo), where I help people with weak eye sight cross out numbers.

Sometimes I am asked to print photos from such events and give them to everyone for memory. This makes them so happy!

In mid-October we are going to celebrate 10-years anniversary of the hosting organization. Since I`m fond of filmmaking, I came up with idea to shoot a video to share with the rest of the world.  It was highly appreciated so now I`m both director and operator (



PoreČ is  an attractive tourist destination, so there are lots of  music concerts and festivals. Usually we don`t buy tickets just hang aroung the concert place and enjoy the music. And we are not alone – there is always a alternative party nearby the festival.

But there was one concert we actually bought a ticket for  - “MTV Blast” with dozen of cool musicians and Will Smith as a main guest. I`ve never thought I would see him in person! But as for me he makes a better actor than musician. The gig had amazing atmosphere!

Also there is a cinema in the town where we can watch movies in Eglish with Croatian subtitles. I visit it from time to time, to keep pace with new films and improve my English.

All my life I dreamt to live near seashore and here I am – enjoying Adriatic sea for already half a year. By the was, Croatia impressed me as a touristic spot – everything done with  good taste, clean beaches, beautiful sea and nice restaurants. 



However when season is over, tourists leave the place and it becomes very quiet and cosy. Locals say they live “polako polako” which means “slowly slowly”.

About my city in Croatia:

Also I want to mention our mentors – Jelena and Nino. Jelena works a lot in the other city so we cannot see each other often, and with Nino we visit a lot of concerts or just go out for coffe. Sometimes he takes us to other town by his car. So we quickly got familiar with Croatian culture and society.

I try to highlight everything important  from my volunteering experience  in my film. So you are very welcomed to my YouTube channel!


Daria Zelenska, 23 years, Kyiv