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Volunteering in Scotland

Hello to everyone!

It's been more than 2 months started my EVS project in marvelous Scotland or more precisely in the charming city Glasgow. First of all, I would like to say, that my EVS project is quite unusual, because there I had the opportunity to choose in which area and where can I volunteer. Finally, I chose for myself, as I wanted earlier, organizational activity. And now my EVS project is a volunteer work connected with organizational activity (assistance during the event, festivals, a little administrative work and etc.) in Ricefield Chineese Art and Culture centre.

The Center organizes many different events for children and adults. And here I, indeed, can see another different culture from inside. It's really very interesting. And yes, perhaps, it is quite unusual that in Scotland, I chose a Chinese cultural center instead of Scottish, but discovering two cultures is more interesting :)

As well, I will take part in a short street theatrical perfomance later (it’s part of a festival that will be in summer) and such rehearls help me to open more and see myself from the other side. So if you suddenly have a desire to try yourself in a new role – let's go :) because it is, indeed, an incredible experience.

You know, I could write a long time about my EVS project and my life here, but in the end I would like to share with you the most valuable lesson, that I'm understood for myself during the time I am here. Some of it, probably, you have already known, but in any way, I decided to share it with you :)

So, let's go:

- Only you (by own!) create the opportunities for yourself... in everything. So if it not – just create it. This is actually quite simple.

- Learn to recreate minuses in some case in pluses. Yes, sometimes it is difficult, but it is absolutely real.

- Always confirm of faith of others. Try always to do everything the best, even if you think that what you do not have any benefit or impact. Trust, it has.

- Take the initiative. This is really important because only depends on you, which will be for you EVS project. Everything depends on your choice.

- Accept challenges and be open to everything. Because what is life if not a constant challenge of opportunities?

Uliana Koval, Lviv