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Volunteering Is Something Inside Our New-Selves

So here is the month of my time in Spain that passed so fast, I have 9 more ahead. Keywords now are: excitement, comfort, amazing people.

My EVS is held in Murcia - adorable city in Spain and is all about support of the projects that are launched by my host organization - EUROACCION. It's my main aim, but as far as I have some more skills, I'm also responsible for the creation of the logotypes, drafts of promotions. Apart from the office work I work with children in schools once per week, participate in the linguistic exchange with local students, help with presentations of the EVS in universities.



I'm also responsible for launching the blog about me and all the volunteers of my city because we have 9 volunteers and it's already really solid:)
Here is the link if you want to know more:



Despite my experience in management and organizing that I wanted to improve within a project, work with children was something that I completely adored, I'm daily surrounded with interesting personalities that teach me how to use useful tools for work with the projects and people. And yeah, I already started to lose my native language a bit, inserting English words instead, because I live with Internationals - Italian and Macedonian girls.



This first-month experience was painful and extremely precious. Painful because you don't understand language, always get lost when you buy products because the variety of options is simply enormous! When I went into the shop with my flatmate for the first time after my arrival to Spain, I spent 10 minutes to choose water out of 15 different brands. 



And because of this cultural difference depression and apathy comes. But that is not a thing you should be afraid of, it will pass after 2 weeks and this experience is worth to be taken. Because then you stubbornly accept the fact that you want and have to learn the language, to be on the same level of understanding with the rest.

My organization organized us Spanish courses that we visit twice per week, so it made it a bit easier for me.



And now about the pleasant one: this month showed me my independence, self-confidence, let me know my organization in the better way, I've met up with all the rest of the volunteers, tutor and by the end of the month we already held Intercultural dinner with all of them:)

And this is just a beginning!


Anna Romanovych, 19 years old, Kyiv