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U.R.Banksy, Georgia

What do you think firstly when you hear "graffiti"? "Well, drawings, writing on the walls .." - said my friends. We at the project U.R.Banksy in Georgia draw graffiti about  human rights!

So, U.R.Banksy is a youth exchange about human rights and street art that took place in the city Rustavi, near Tbilisi. During the project, 6-18.10, we had a lot of discussions, workshops, forum theaters, energizers. All day, participants from Finland, Norway, Estonia, Romania, Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine worked hard, all for the final project – graffiti of human rights in the center of Rustavi.

But not everything went so smoothly. We repainted sketches 100 times, there were many ideas and each next one was brighter than the previous one. Finally, after 2 days of discussions and refreshment of sketches, we started to create. Everyone painted ideas on the walls. And suddenly ... Local government came. They said they stopped drawing and talked to the organizers for a long time. Meanwhile, we warmed up with collective hugs, games and dancing. The best teambuilding. I will remember for a long time the energy that prevailed in the air, because everyone was so inspired, and everything is almost torn apart. In the end, we were allowed to go to the hostel, but until the morning we did not know if we would continue drawing or no.

Morning the next day. We are happy to complete our masterpieces.

I still very much remember forum theaters and the game "to go beyond the line." We were able to feel  different roles, to feel like it's depriving of some kind of rights, and then to enter the scene and change the course of events for the better.

And of course the participants. We had a very colorful team of positive, open and very different personalities. Everyone has something to remember: ideas, activity, leadership, positivity, jokes and much more that l will remain in my heart.

Yana Taranets