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The Volunteers Uniting Humanity

Hi, if you went to read this review, then you are interested in the topic of volunteering, and maybe it is these city and organization. Therefore, I will start my story.

I just graduated from the university, and I already knew that I would go volunteering, the choice fell to an organization working with children and adults who were forced to leave Syria covered by the war and move to Turkey to the city call Gaziantep, which for two months became and my home too. However, we did not forget about the local children and adolescents, who also needed help for reasons.



Gaziantep is a decent Middle East, but still Turkey, the gastronomic capital, a millionaire city, with its charm, its problems, and which will not leave you indifferent, that's for sure.

The heart of our home was our organization GEGED. The volunteers with whom I lived and worked had different experiences, nationalities, values ​​and beliefs, they differed from my cultural background. All this is extremely interesting not only for self-reflection, but also a great opportunity to replenish social capital, communication skills, because the intercultural environment is exactly for this.

Afraid that it will be quite difficult in a city where few people know English? Dont worry, there are local volunteers, mentors, our peers that help you and orientate you, and they will always help, but you should not forget that all the same the development of independence has already inspired you to live in another country, so feel yourself 



Most of our activities were based on the teaching children and adults of English, but other activities will be available, the main goal of integrating such people to the the community.

Also, our organization has made it possible to choose the tasks that you will perform during the project, which is important to find those activities, where you will be useful. The organization also made it possible to join itself in creating new ways to help. Can you dance? Great, create a dancing class for Syrian women. Can you draw? Also cool, bring kids to your art class.

If you, like me, are convinced that you are able and willing to help, during volunteering you will have a great opportunity to put it into practice.

Kravchuk Tetiana, 24 years old