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Strengthening Cooperation, Czech Republic

It is really difficult to put together all my thoughts and explain you everything about my EVS, but I'll try my best! Simply speaking, it was a year of changes and challenges. First of all, this year influenced a lot my lifestyle. As the organization I used to work in, is based on the principals of eco-friendly education, I started to do recycling, being vegetarian and simply love nature even more.



The way children are learning in Lipka is so simple and, the most important - enjoyable! The special attention deserve the summer camps I was involved in. It is not the one, where parents just get rid of theirs children for a week or so, but the one where kids really are learning something. One of the camps I took part in was held out of the Brno. We slept for two weeks in something like upgraded version of a tent and did some activities. 

It was enjoyable even when it was 40 degrees during the day and no access to the river or lake. Two weeks there were like a year language course of the Czech language. It was tough but I did it! 



If you are wandering why I look so poor at the pic - it was the topic of the camp! Not just poor people, but poor Japanese people in XV century.

Besides camps and the work activities it was a lot of traveling. So I visited around 10 countries and many places in the Czech Republic! Moreover, I did a lot of hitchhiking inside the country, it was a really unique way of learning the language, but it does really work!



What kind of conclusion can I make? Do EVS and discover the world :)


Vitalii Zinchenko, 19 years old, Lviv