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Short-term EVS in Turkey

I have so many impressions after a two-month short-term EVS that it is impossible for me to describe it in a short article. These two months were for me as the one "short life", full of emotions, great people, interesting challenges and travel dreams. Therefore I will try to describe it in two interesting lists.))

List of reasons to go to Gaziantep

1) Local food. Gaziantep is called as the “gastronomic capital”. Everything is so tasty and unusual that it is hard to stop eating.  It is so fantastic mixture of Turkish and Arabic cuisine. Shawarma, doner, falafel, lahmadzhun ... and sweets - baklava, kyunefe, katmer ... are so delisious. Also it is the capital of pistachios, which are added here in all the dishes.

2) Middle Eastern flavor, "other Turkey". If you want to see "Middle East", it is definitely here.  The architecture, art, music, food - this is not the usual Turkey, which is known among Ukrainian tourists.

3) Eastern hospitality. I was impressed by local hospitality and their desire to help foreigners.

4) People. It is the place, where live many wonderful people of different nationalities. The Turks, Syrians, Afghans, Kurds and others. I met great people, heard stories that touched my heart.

5) The cultural life. There are many museums and cultural centers. For example, the world's largest Mosaic Museum, Hamam Museum(Turkish bath), Museum of Local Cuisine and so on. The municipality organizes free concerts. Often the restaurants are with live music. In general, I did not have time to get bored.

6) Ancient history. You think that Rome is the most ancient city. It is false. Antep is much older and it is in a list of the most ancient cities in the world (3650 BC). The castle, beautiful mosques, cozy old courtyards, ancient ruins and many other colorful buildings... I even saw Tigris and Euphrates rivers, about which I had read so much in the history books.

Well? Is it a good opportunity to visit such place?

List of reasons to take part in this project

1) Various topics of the project. At this EVS I found so many interesting activities. Do you like to work with children? - Please. Teens? - Also it is possible. Do you want to work with adults? -OK. You can join at English classes, conversational clubs, handmade and drawing, various games events. In addition, there are a lot of interesting activities, different celebrations on the Day of Health, Children's Day, sport and intercultural events.

2) Flexibility project. The maximum term of the project is 2 months, which means that you can leave Ukraine not for a long time.

3) Intercultural communication. I had to communicate with people who speak different languages. Not so many locals can understand English, so I had to be creative and found a common language. After that I'm not afraid to go even to Africa tribes and communicate with using  a "body language".

4) Work with refugees. We all constantly hear about the Syrian refugees, but usually it is hard to understand the news about Syrian conflict. This project is an opportunity to get acquainted with "other Syria", full of colors and life, rich architecture and beautiful cities; find Syrian friends; fall in love with the Arabic language, music and culture. It is a place, where I heard the stories of courage, tragedy and homeleaving.

5) Improving your English. Many volunteers from different countries take part in this project, so the language of communication is English. After two months of constant communication I have started to speak in English more fluently.

6) Lots of joy, new friends and positive atmosphere. On this project I met “Ali Baba and his thieves ... volunteers”, “Arab-Syrian gentleman”, “Buddy” and other creative individuals.

I advise you to send application form to this project. I can guarantee that you will spend a good time.

Ganna Komar