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Shoe Box, Romania

Romania is a country that impressed us a lot for its nature and architecture. But at the same time it is full of mystery.



The first two months passed very quickly. Maybe it is because every day is unique, interesting and so rich of events. We are the only project in organization who lives all together in one flat, that’s why we are all the time collectively: at work, at home and in travels. It is a big experience to spend so much time with people from different countries (in our case we have four countries-participants: Ukraine Georgia, Jordan and Azerbaijani) and exchange our cultures.



The main task of our project is to collect toys, cloth, hygienically products and school supplies for children from Saint Mina School in Craiova. This month we worked at kindergarten and in schools. In the kindergarten we tried to teach children that help other people is important. We tried to explain them the meaning of sharing by playing games. At school we explained the importance of donation. Another task was to collect things for children and we were very surprised by the amount of staff that we received from students.



In our free time we are trying to keep in touch with other volunteers from our organization. Also we have made cultural evenings with food, clothes and songs. Once in a week we are attending a Romanian language course.



We have visited four cities in Romania (Sibiu, Brashov, Bran and Sinai). After these trips we are sure to give an advice to people that if you want to visit Dresden or Prague, there are a lot of good cities in Romania with great architecture and history not so far from Ukraine and for sure much more cheaper.



Before we came to the project some volunteers told us about conflicts between organization and volunteers or just between volunteers. Hopefully, we don’t have such experience, everyone is so kind and ready to help in every moment.



We have four month more and we know that this time will pass very quickly. So we will do our best to do as much as possible.


Iryna Radchenko, 21 years old, Kyiv

Maksym Ivashchenko, 26 years old, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky