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Schuman Volunteers go local, Poland

Hi, guys! I would like to share with you what I've learned during my EVS in Poland. I work at school with teenagers and I enjoy this a lot! It`s only 2 months left and I'm ready to make some conclusions right now. Here I have three main points. So, let`s get started!



Rule number 1: be realistic

When in October I arrived in Katowice and then Wojkowice, I didn't have any high expectations, so this approach really helped me to get used to new environment very quickly. Shortly speaking, I didn't have real reasons to feel disappointed. In this case "pink glasses" always play against you. So just be ready to cope with hardship, face challenges and enjoy wonderful moments of your new life.



Rule number 2: follow your aim

Life without aims and dreams is meaningless. Every EVS project is favorable time to meet new people, live in a foreign country, have money for travelling and pleasant purchases. But hold on! You should have some vision of your future, that`s why EVS shouldn`t be your aim, but only a small step in your main strategy.



Rule number 3: be free

Freedom is definitely something bigger and deeper than just being a part of society, smaller group and possessing some rights and duties. Don't look what others do, but do "your things", that make you feel happy and completed. For me personally (apart from activities connected with Project, like language tandems, workshops and presentations) it is writing and meeting people (here you can find my blog). Oh, yes, I forgot coffee :). Also I find a wonderful inspiration in nature and just small things. Here you have a chance to develop your inner world and create your life according to your ideas, not stereotypes.



And one more thing... My Project lasts 9 months. A symbolic number, don`t you think so? For example, during this period one person can give a birth to another person. But for me it became a great leap in my life and somehow a rebirth of my own values and soul.

Life is amazing and it depends only on us! I take a stand to make it even better than amazing. What about you? Wanna try?