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Roar, Poland

From 11 April till 19 April member of NGO Stella took part in the youth exchange in Poland, which aim was promote self-development as a tool for inspiring and maintaining sustainable changes at the personal, professional and societal level.

Andrii Arkhipenkov shares his experience: "Workshops were very useful for me, because I’m really interested in self development. It helped to focus on the moment and to be in present.  Also, this project was really useful, how to reach my goals, what I can do for them. 


The Goal of this project was sustainable for me, that’s why, I was always engaged in taking part. The place was awesome and the walking trip to the mountains helped me to revitalize the consciousness.


More than that I was extremely enjoyed by the level of organizational skills and the facilities at all. All workshops were planned logicaly and gradually. What can I really mention is that it was really intensive project and at the same time this projevt was relaxed enough. 


After the project I felt a great boost of my communicational skills. Also, I developed my own level of empathy and now I can say that this project."

Andrii Arkhipenkov