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Purple Project, Romania

Check in for flight Kiev-Bucharest, air gates no.4. That day at the 3rd of May everything begin from crossing Ukrainian-Romanian border, then was train Bucharest-Craiova, further meeting with agents from my hosting organization, then meeting with mentor, party organized by other volunteers.That's all in my first day of the project.

Next days we gained romanian sim-card,  bank account, information about project and some organizative moments, explored city. Next week came other volunteers from our project and we began prepared to our activities in school. My project name is "Purple". This project is about fight with discrimination (LGBT, interethnic and interreligious conflicts). We pass lections at school about these topics,  pass with children workshops about clothes design also, help organize different public events (Europe's Day, International Childrens Day, Global village, running in the park etc). There are holidays now that's why we continue organize sport events with youth center, work with children with autism and from penitentiary service.When the holidays will be over we will continue our activities in school.

Totally, we are 7 volunteers from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Jordan. We live at 2 flats (for 3  and 4  participants in accordance). Accomodation conditions are good (we have 3 rooms, common kitchen and 2  bathrooms). Actually we had problems with electricity but now it is good.

Costs are enough for food and personal needs for e.g  travel, clothes, something tasty))) Prices are similar like in Ukraine.

Now I stay here almost 2 months. During this time I entirely adapted to country, to my Craiova city. It is so normally: "Profi" supermarket, bus no.25, KFC, Brazda and Rotonda districts. Sometimes I imagine that I am at home, at Lviv.

Every Thursday we have Romanian language classes where we learn the most necessary sentences and words that we need for life in Romania. Romanian language is not similar to English or Slavic languages,  that's why it is heavy learn it to me.

I would like thank to my sending organization "Stella", especially for Nika Bunziak for her support, help with organization and preparation before project.

I want remember about On-arrivals training also. This training is organize by National agency for new volunteers. At this training we had week of sessions about EVS, Romania, our interaction. But non-formal purpose of this is find new friends with whose you will spend your time.

Unfortunally, almost all Ukrainians think that Romania is gipsy's country.That is not right. 97 percent of Romanian population consist of romanians and only 3 percent of gipsies. Actually there are presrnt gipsies but not everywhere.

I tried hitchhiking at the first time here in Romania. This is beautiful opportunity go to place that you need for free, talk with inhabitants. A little bit difficult talk with romanians because not everybody speaks English, but I try understand them use my intuition.

Romania is country of Carpathians, mamaliga, vine, green trees and flowers and amazing nature.

La revedere! Ne vedem in Romania!

Khrystyna Kulchytska, Lviv