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Project in Gaziantep

Hi everyone! Not so long ago I came back to Ukraine from my EVS project in Gaziantep, Turkey and I want to share my experience. First of all, I want to say that Antep is a very beautiful city and local people are very nice. Despite the fact that it is not so far from Syria, we felt in safety and had colorful routine.

My project started in the end of May till the end of July. At the beginning, we had no so much work, but at the beginning of June swimming pool classes and English lessons had started. My day began actively at 10.30 a. m. with swimming classes for children from kindergarten and I can’t express what positive influence they had on us and our day. Than at 12 we had English lessons where we watched videos and learned the simplest lexis. At the office where we had classes we had a lunch and we had never been hungry there. Also there were a lot of cookies and fruits. In the afternoon we had another English lessons with older children and then we had swimming pool classes together with those children. There I learned how to swim properly and I got acquaintance with all couches from the pool and even one day after work one of couches invited us to visit his garden out of the city where we spent a great time.

On the weekends we tried not to stay at home and travelled. We went to the seaside, visited places around Gaziantep and were in Cappadokia. I was impressed by the beauty of Turkey, even we slept several hours because we wanted to see the sunrise and continue travelling to new places. Also great role played attitude of local people to us. I’ve heard a lot of stereotypes about Turkish people but people who I met broke that stereotypes. They always tried to help us and when we asked about directions into English, they used google translator because a lot of them didn’t know English, but they tried to help us in such way. Also people there are very hospitable, sociable and friendly. On my project I had a lot of good memories, got a skill how to communicate with people without knowing the language, also I learned how to swim professionally and I got a feeling of response not only for myself but for other people.  

Kateryna Vysochanska