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Peace of Cake, UK

Have you ever realised that our national Ukrainian dishes have a long history and that many ingredients came to our country from hundreds of kilometers or even continents away? Have you ever thought that every conflict can also be considered like a "dish"? Just, as every dish has its ingredients and cooking phases, every conflict has certain components and stages. By gaining an active understanding of the process, we start to see how negative outcomes can be prevented beforehand.

Participants of the training course «Peace of Cake», which took place between 19 - 27 January 2017 in London (UK), do not only have this unique knowledge now, but can also apply it in practice. Members of Kharkiv association for active youth "Stella" also took part in the project to become changing agents of the future.

The project was intended to teach participants from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Estonia, Spain, Cyprus, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Tunisia and Turkey to resolve multicultural conflicts, fight discrimination and xenophobia and build the foundation for future cooperation and mutual assistance. Thanks to the Erasmus+ Programme as well as the organizational work of the international organization «One Terrene International» (UK), this training course was attended by 28 participants from different countries. During the project, participants explored the history and culture of different countries, found similarities and points of influence in the construction and development of the culture of their own country, explained the main causes of multicultural conflicts and, learned to find compromises and work as a team. The main instrument to achieve these objectives was non-formal education, through which each participant gained new knowledge, expanded their personal capabilities and defined vectors of effective further work. Within the official farewell ceremony, all participants received a special YouthPass certificate, which recognizes the acquired skills and competencies.

In addition to theoretical and practical parts, everyone could enjoy some nice sightseeing, discovering London and get acquainted with some elements of English culture.

The results of this project will help youth organizations from different countries to identify conflicts and to find effective solutions to overcome them, to create bridges of understanding and exchange some cultural features, to build a path towards future cooperation and to find solutions to maintain peace and harmony in the world!