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One Short-term EVS – one feature-length movie

The locals were wondering: why Muş? Tourist in Turkey is an ordinary thing. But not in conservative city at the eastern side of this astonishing country. If the question was to go there one more time, my answer would be definitely «Yes».



2 months period is not too long to give up every stuff at home but enough to deep inside another culture and live a life there. I definitely took pleasure of this life. The distinctive culture can be learned only in such cities like Muş, not in all inclusive hotels.



It was the first time I went to Turkey. I couldn’t say a word in Turkish but at the end of my EVS it was not a problem anymore to make an order in café of buy something in the shop speaking with natives. The volunteers had opportunity to have Turkish lessons twice a week. But my main language practice took place outside the office. I got lucky to meet friends who made me acquainted with kunefe, play «okay» and accompanied me in journeys.  During these 2 months I managed to visit Diyarbakir, Mardin, Midyat, Tatvan, Ahlat, Malazgirt, Varto, Mersin, Silifke, Malatiya. Don’t blame me if I forgot to mention something J It was an unforgettable experience to make Turkish baklava in Varto together with other people on this project. In my opinion food is a perfect way to «taste» the culture. During the process of cooking local journalist was making reportage, since the news appeared we became a kind of local stars!



What about job? The thing is that during summer volunteering is Muş is not supposed to be full-day because of holidays. Still we had some duties: visiting of the local hospital, conducting English speaking clubs twice a week. Furthermore, I was pleased by the interest of the locals to Russian and Ukrainian languages. 

For sure, one day I will come back eastern Turkey to drink tea with baklava and a perfect mountain view!