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Non Formal Education of The Physically Handicapped in Sport, Turkey

Today the attitude towards people having various disabilities is an important topic throughout the world. Ukraine is one of the most "unfriendly" countries, as it makes it impossible for disabled people to lead an active life. In order to discuss this and a number of other issues, between 26 April and 3 May 2016, Ukrainian group participated in a project “Non Formal Education of The Physically Handicapped in Sport” in the framework of Erasmus+ Programme, which was held in Çanakkale, Turkey. This training was prepared with the partnership of youth associations working with disadvantaged young people from Italy, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland and Turkey and 22 participants from these countries participated in it.  

The training course focused on the problems of social inclusion of disabled young people in general, and physically disabled ones in particular. Through discussions, games and exercises the participants got the idea of how important active lifestyle and community attention are for people with disabilities and their normal life in society. Not only were participants equipped with theoretical knowledge based on the experience of other countries, but they also acquired practical skills of work with disabled people, as well as motivation to volunteer in this area.

It was an amazing and valuable experience for everyone. Such trainings really help to break prejudices and stereotypes and to expand one’s outlook. We are extremely thankful for that!