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Networks wanted, Poland

Between 2 -10 October 2016 at Grzybowo, Poland the representatives of Kharkiv NGO "Stella" took part in an international contact making seminar "Networks wanted" organized by Polish Fundacja Pociecha.

Contact making seminar brought together 22 participants from 11 countries: Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia, Spain, Italy and Jordan. The main aim of this project was to establish and strengthen cooperation between different NGOs from the European Union and its neighbouring countries as well as to create new projects within the framework of Erasmus+ Programme. The seminar gave an opportunity to build new strong and reliable partnership networks for future cooperation and for sharing experience.

Participants of the project were involved in different activities through methodology of non-formal education such as simulations, debates, role-plays, discussions, brainstorming etc. As a final result, participants gained new partnership and together they will create new projects that can develop their organizations on the local, national and international levels.

We would like to thank Michal Braun and Arkadiusz Kalinowski for implementing this project and for new exciting experience!