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More Mosaic - is creativity and art

More Mosaic -  is creativity and art! Thanks to this project we have forgotten the language barrier for ten days. It was easier to express my thoughts with the help of art than I thought, so all the participants quickly got closer and even bad weather could not spoil our mood!



It was very interesting to learn about the national art forms in other countries, we got so carried away that we even started sharing stories and jokes of our cultures.



I tried myself in many art forms on this project, but the origami was a challenge for me. For a while, I even thought that my hands grow from the wrong place, by the way, I had to explain this phrase to many people. :). And of course the theater, how could we  do without it? Participants gave 100% of their effort in these plays, Halloween performances were very creepy, but the main thing is that everyone felt themselves like artists and enjoyed participation.

Thank you Erasmus+ and NGO "Stella" for this interesting experience!”

Pehlivanov Yevhen, Berdyansk