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More Mosaic Everywhere for Everyone Always

More Mosaic was a perfect active lifestyle advertisement. Right from the start when I first jogged through Kobuleti with its meditative sunny streets and the Black Sea as warm and friendly as locals, I felt inspired to work. When we went on a paper clip challenge (exchanging a paperclip on any other object local people might give you) we landed with a better understanding of local people and with a variety of things, including watermelon, books, a taxi ride and even an armchair.



Constructing ships out of waste we collected around we met a lot of people go past and thank us for cleaning. And a walk with my eyes closed as an exercise of trust helped to discover another reality of the town – how it sounds, smells, feels to the touch. Fortunately the first aid workshop from Red Cross didn’t come in handy ;-)



Active games and outdoors was an integral part of Mosaics. A hike in the national park was followed by a session on survival skills, and activities that sometimes are seen as forceful, such as evaluations, reflections and teambuilding somehow also came to us naturally.

I think that the key factor of the More Mosaic’s success was that facilitators gave participants a lot of space to take initiative and learn from one another. So from the start to finish I felt a shared responsibility on how well everything goes and how much I learn from others.  And I will definitely ‘steal’ some of the tricks for the projects to come ;-)

Gryvina Viktoriia, Kharkiv