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Keep calm and volunteer in Europe, Poland (part II)

Do you sometimes feel scared and excited at the same time? It means that this is exactly what you need. This is my EVS. My story. My Poland.



6 months have passed since I decided to change my life. For this time I have become another person. I am surrounded by different people, different cultures, I speak different languages and walk on different routes. But I have fallen in love with this “difference”. When I passed the stage of cultural shock, self-analysis and durable adaptation, I entered a completely different stage of my transformation. I communicate with great people, I have travelled to Italy, Vatican, Sweden, Norway, Germany, I have attended two trainings in Poland and got unforgettable emotions.  But especially I need to note professional experience which is exactly why I came here.



I have been working in the best place in the world – European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk. For this time I have helped to organize dozens of projects: international exchanges, conferences, film festival, exhibitions, integrational meetings for immigrants etc.   But the best thing is that I am not limited by only one task. On the contrary, I translate, interpret, prepare advertising materials, help conducting the meetings, and communicate with our guests from different countries. Currently I am working my own project idea; however, this is a completely different story :) 



Apart from that, I always find time for friends, travelling and intercultural activities. I have a lot of plans, but not so much time. That is why my goal is to manage everything. 



I have gone through the halfway of my EVS and I can assure you that this is the best decision in my life.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk, dare to change yourself with NGO “Stella”! :)


Tina Muradian, 23 years old, Kharkiv