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Keep calm and volunteer in Europe, Poland


Everyone has the time in their lives when they do not know where they are going; as if you have everything and nothing at the same time. It becomes clear that this is the right time to find yourself. For me this time began in one of my dreams when I received a note with a phrase «force yourself to be uncomfortable». So I did that: I went on my EVS, changing warm Kharkiv summer for cloudy sky of Gdansk; my broad flat for the house with 11 other volunteers from Spain, Turkey and Romania; 30 minutes metro ride to my university for 1,5 hour trip to another city; leaving all my relatives, friends and beloved cat… But leaving something behind we always receive generous presents from the Universe. So, I got the best job ever in European Solidarity Centre. Despite sometimes we work non-stop, I do not even dare dream about any other job. Only for this month we have already held three huge international projects, several exhibitions, local projects Zrozumieć Sierpień and got a visit from Prince William and Kate Middleton.



Apart from that, I cannot avoid mentioning the beauty of Gdansk: the mixture of Scandinavian and German culture created not just a city, but a masterpiece. Ideal and so different architecture, fresh air, variety of different museums, cultural centres and a very active civic life. I discover this city every day.

In spite of being here only for one month, I have already received more than I expected. The time flies very fast and I do not want to waste any second, that is why I am up to run to the Baltic Sea.

Don't be afraid of changes! It is not scary, especially if you have the support of NGO “Stella” which helped me to let my transformation get started!

Tina Muradyan, 23, Kharkiv