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Kalamata, Greece: kNOWledge vol.2

4 month later.

So many people left, so many times we said goodbye and organized bye-bye party. Each bye-bye party makes you think that one day you will be instead of this person who is leaving. This thoughts make you appreciate every day of your EVS experience. Because you know, that time flies.

May is beautiful a month to be in Kalamata. It's already warm, still not so many tourists and students are still in town.

We went to Jazz Fest in Kardamili. Enjoying jazz with the view on the mountains and the sea -- isn't it a pleasant life? Spent night in the tent on the beach and having a morning coffee with the sound of waves. Seems like you are paradise.

Coming back to routine is not that easy. Our flat is so different now. We are 14 people. Living together with so many people is such a challenge. It's influence on your daily mood, it's lack of person space, it's a lot of thoughts and even depression.

Working in the office. Feeling abandoned by coordinators as they have so many things to do! Moving the office, preparing street festival. We find support in each other.

With such cooperation between volunteers we managed to organize an amazing event -- Street Music Day Kalamata! Feeling after organizing such bright event with support of many people -- unbelievable feeling. So proud of ourselves!



5 months later.

July -- month of preparation for one of the biggest event of Kalamata. Our coordinators are so busy. We are waiting for tasks related to the festival, but we will not get them… till last days before the festival. This is a bit sad as we thought, that we will be an important part of the team. Unfortunately.

Anyway during the festival we had so much fun together and we helped a lot in different tasks. The brightest memory that I will keep forever in my mind is -- my birthday wishes from the stage. After the concert I didn't realize when guys climbed the stage, took microphone and started to sing “Happy birthday, dear Yana”. Isn't it amazing???

This month first time in 5 months I went home to Ukraine. Here is a note from my diary:

I am leaving Kalamata.

After long time I haven't been home, haven't seen my friends, my family and my city. What is waiting for me this time? So many times I was returning from trips home and each time was different. Different feelings, big and small changes. Some things seemed different, some stayed the same. But something that's changes each time -- is you. Each journey changes you.The way you feel, the way you look at things.

So here I am. After morning freddo cappuccino with Sara now I am in the bus with million thoughts in my head.

This way home is kind of evaluation for me -- it makes me think about what I have done in past months of my EVS and what changes I've got.



6 months later.

I am in the middle of my EVS project. I can't say, that something changed completely for me in this period, I can't say that u experienced something absolutely new for myself. The only thing that I know for sure -- if I would get this opportunity 4 years ago, when I just started to search for it,  It would change my way of thinking much more. Because everything that I experience now -- I didn't in past 4 years.

Of course every experience is very important in life and I'm not regretting of anything that happen. Now I'm looking forward for my next 5 months and wondering what will be next?

New people? New places? New thoughts?



Yana, EVS volunteer from Ukraine. The one who:

Living by the sea.






Living the moment.


Yana Volkova, 25 years, Kharkiv