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Hand of Friendship 10, Ireland


Hello everyone from Ireland! 11 months of my project were fast!

In October, an annual report was presented in our organization, where the results of the last year were resumed, analyzed and discussed. Workshop was organised for improving youth programs and the goals were adjusted accordingly.

In November, the Intercultural Day took place - a day dedicated to the exchange of cultures in the Donegal Youth Service. We, EVS volunteers, and other staff prepared traditional dishes for visitors to taste them, we also prepared presentations about our countries, as well as music. There were presented Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Pakistani and Latvian cultures. I prepared borsch and Irish people liked it, I also played the music of modern Ukrainian bands. Such kind of events are expanding the view to the diversity of this world.

Halloween has a special place in Irish culture - it is a holiday originating from pagan times. The Irish wear "scary" costumes, accessories or paint their faces in zombies, vampires, werewolves, deadens and the like.

In Ireland, people really value calm and stable life but at the same time, many of them participate in various activities, workshops, trainings etc. Social activity here is really high, people try to spend their leisure with pleasure.



While saying goodbye to us, the staff prepared tea and cake and wished us success in the future after the project.

This project provided me with an important experience of working and living abroad. In Ireland, I have improved my English, soft and personal skills (for instance, skills of effective and harmonious interaction with people). I have gained experience in the "Irish style" which is calm, relaxed and measured style of work, of course as far as possible, in an organisation, which is working with young people).

This experience has given me confidence and, hopefully, more opportunities for further employment, including the countries of the European Union.

Without a doubt, EVS volunteering was worth to spend the time to gain better opportunities in the professional and personal life!

That's all!

Bye, folks!


Dmytro Khak, 28 years old, Zakarpattya region