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Hand of Friendship 10, Ireland

Hello from the northernmost part of Ireland - Donegal County! 8 months of my EVS project in Letterkenny have passed so quickly that I didn't even have a chance to realise that! 

In April an intercultural solidarity workshop was held, where professionals showed how to make flowers from colored paper, henna tattoo (applying henna to decorate hands by various draws, traditional for South Asia and many Arab countries).



At the same time, I finished a big project - Donegal Youth Service (DYS) report- a booklet with statistics on all the projects of the organization over the past year. Another great project - a booklet about employment - preparation for an interview, interviewing and everything about it. Soon I will finish working on the volunteer's diary which is a big task but I also have some small things to do: posters, certificates, etc. It is all about design.

I help with the office work by responding to young people's requests. Our department (information youth center) provides consultations on various issues: filling in applications for the university, assistance in finding a job, writing a resume, etc. Our department also serves cybercafe.

I also help with various youth activities and projects. In the next room with our office, I help with another project: the purpose of which is to involve young people to use their time in a smart way - communication, pool billiards, table tennis, music, playing on musical instruments - there are always guitars, etc..

There is a music room with professional equipment and musical instruments. Young people can use all of this for free. There is a local rock band that uses it and everyone else can use it, too. For free.

The annual party took place on the 23 of August in Letterkenny Town Park. The purpose of the event was to attract people, especially young people to do more sports and cultural entertainments, to participate in a concert and to promote DYS among locals.



Regarding the style of work. The pace of work here is slow, nobody is in a hurry, because the worker should not be nervous at work. Respect is the basic thing. The task must meet common sense, for example, work that requires at least 2 hours will not be required to be accomplished immediately. And if the manager does not know how long it takes, then he asks the subordinate how much time it can take and usually gives a bit more time for certain task to be done.

Now the special attention is paid to children and young people. Therefore, our organization receives more and more money from the European and Irish funds for various programs from social and cultural to medical ones. Society sees problems and tries to solve them.

The work of the EVS volunteer and communication with foreigners helped me understand that it is important to take things easier in life. And that diversity and open-mindness contribute to the development of personality, and such individuals form a free society.

Over the past 5 months, I have been in various parts of Ireland.

Galway - the largest city on the west of the country and the fourth in the republic - annually about a million tourists from all over the world, especially from the USA and Europe visit it. Once upon a time it was a great port, now this city has a long promenade and bay. Latin Street and the streets adjacent to it are the most popular place to visit.



Dublin is the largest, most developed and most expensive city in Ireland. According to the territory the city is not so big, which makes it attractive for hiking. Merrion Square with Oscar Wilde Monument, National Historic Museum, Trinity College - Ireland's most prestigious university are worthy of attention.

Architecture did not impress me. The modern borders with the past and it often gives not the best impression. However, bridges are worth your one's attention. For example the James Joyce Bridge.

Waterford is the fifth most populated city in Ireland where pubs, historical part of the city and museums are compactly located. The park is situated near the center. Tourism is less developed than in other major cities, but the city successfully uses its history in order to promote it among Irish people and tourists.



Cork is the most populated city on the south and it is the second biggest city in Ireland, divided by two channels of the River Lee. I especially liked Cork. There is an old part of the city with its architecture, not spoiled by awkward modern buildings however, there is a part where modern architecture prevails. I enjoyed the University College Cork (National University of Ireland, Cork) which has a great campus that looks like a park.

If someone is interested to know more, here is a link to the blog of the EVS volunteers of our organization.

That's all!

Dmytro Khak from Zakarpats’ka region, 27 years old