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Grow, Latvia!

Even before the project, we were asked to write a small report, to tell about our impressions, when six months will pass. In the head thoughts were something like: "Oh! That's long! ". It's been 6 months. I'm sitting at the table in the kitchen, writing about my impressions of Latvia and trying to understand how to stop time ..

And you know, with pleasure! So many good things have happened during this period. I managed to visit 17 cities in Latvia, and we even traveled to Finland, Sweden, and Estonia. I do not plan to stop there. There are already several cities and countries in my mind, where I want to go during the year.



About work in the project, free time is not so much, but I have time to develop myself, to learn more about the life of Latvians and Europeans in general. Therefore, in addition to online education, I attend various local events. I live in the capital, events are not so difficult to find and you can choose what you want.

Riga is a very beautiful city. Old Riga is driving you crazy! Funny fact, the sleeping areas looks like we have in Ukraine, and you go to the center - you're already in Europe.



I was very lucky with my project and host organization. They did everything to make us feel at home. Cozy, spacious apartment with a beautiful view from the window, supermarket, and transport interchange nearby, you can easily reach the city center.

In the project, I work with another volunteer - Kirill. He is also from Ukraine, so we easily found a common language and live together without difficulties. I was very worried about the project because we met only a few months before coming to Latvia. Working together in our business is very important! But all went well, why I am very happy.

Daria Prybyl