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Gocal Volunteering in Poland

I want to start my story from the fact that for me this is the second volunteer project in Poland. So I made my first impressions much earlier. But precisely because I really liked people, the country has its traditions that are so similar to Ukrainian ones. I have chosen Poland again. Previously, I was living in a large city, Gdańsk. This time deliberately chose a small area, close to the border with Belarus. Because I wanted to work with young people, children. They are always interesting and not boring with them.

I live in a lyceum, it is made in the form of a hostel. Children from Belorussia live here. Exchange students. Together with me, a volunteer from Belarus at the school, Zhenya. Fine guy, who has great experience with children: more than 6 years he was working in a large children's camp.



A few first impressions from Dombrov Bialostotskaya. The town is for 6000 people. A small river. There are many forests nearby. Clean air and lots of nature! You can look here.

In general, the week looks like this. On Mondays, we spend extra hours teaching Russian. Sometimes we replace the teacher or help with lectures. On Tuesdays we come to kindergarten. There we have a group of 5 year old kids. We learn some things about their language and playing (look here).



Helping to organize events. For example, a day of plush bags and so on (look here).

Also, sometimes I attend classes of geography at school. According to the school plan and after classes, I can speak about Ukraine and make presentations in Polish and English (look here).

Within the framework of the Global Education Program. Conducted classes in computer science, where in the form of the game showed how to take care of the environment, use resources thoroughly (video is here).



I also attend classes of English on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Small groups come and we choose a topic (usually about a country), watch short films, discuss, share knowledge and impressions (look here).

Once a week we go to the neighboring village, Ruzhany Stok. There we help kids after school to do homework, and on some sabbaths we take part in the events: do cookies, learn dancing (video is here).



At the same time, we do different things. For example, song contest. We divide children into theteams. But then everyone gets their presents! During the break in school, we suggest to expressing everything that we want on the board to draw something. Even the teachers were not kept.

For the New year we made an action, when everyone could make a New Year's Eve post card, and give it to someone. In general, children are open to all, any thoughts are supported.



After the new year, while the children were on vacation, we did a theatrical performance for the junior class. We traveled around the whole region, gave four performances in different towns. There were 20 volunteers from our host organization from different countries. The purpose is to prove to children what fair trade is. What products should be selected, so that those people, who work hard on plantations, are rewarded for their work (look here).



 Interview in the local edition is a small talk about myself (here).

I'm very happy of this EVS project! Now we are waiting for warm weather, so there will be hiking, going for a walk and sports competition. That's a lot of interesting things. I highly recommend those who like to work with young people, to choose small towns, villages. You will not be bored here.
At my leisure I travel. I have already visited almost all major Polish cities. Also I recommend to go to Zakopane for winter holidays. There you can go for a skiing. But we chose a little uninvited rest. We went to the terms. Amazing feeling of swimming in the hot swimming pool in the yard and the forest around you is covered with snow =))


Kyrylo Zharkovskiy, 26 years old, Lviv