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Express Yourself, Romania

From the first to the ninth November 2017 members of the NGO "Stella" took part in the international youth exchange "Express Yourself", which was organized by Romanian organization "Anter" and was held in Craiova within the framework of ERASMUS+ program. There was 33 active youth workers and leaders from three countries: Ukraine, Romania and Jordan in the programe. The main purpose of the youth exchange was to raise awareness about the concept of a healthy lifestyle, the importance of physical movement and balanced nutrition, socialization of the individual, increasing social tolerance and openness to social integration.



During 8 full days, the participants had the opportunity to learn the culture of each participating country: starting from the national dances and ending with the peculiar features of theirs history. Each day consisted of two parts. At the first part, the participants listened to the lectures with different topics such as tolerance, socialization etc., accompanying, of course, with various games and energizers. The second one was hold in other places - the dance hall and, sometimes, the city center. The participants studied there different dance styles: waltz, bachata, cha-cha and national dances from each country. In addition to all of the above mentioned, the participants communicated with each other, sharing intercultural experiences and improving their English skillsduring all kinds of the activities.



All kind of the activities related to non-formal education. Those modern and creative forms of learning that were proposed by the project are quite useful and interesting for the students.

In addition to the daily schedule, we also visited dance clubs, ran through the streets of the city during the quest; we had an excursion to the historic city center, and also we attended a graduation party at one of the local schools.

We would like to express our gratitude to Simone, Georgiana, Cristian, Madalina, Oleksandr, Irina and everyone who has contributed to the organization of this project! It was a very useful and inspiring experience at various levels. Participants of the youth exchange will be happy to distribute all the knowledge gained in practice.