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Euroimpact, Great Britain

In March 2-9 in the British city of Newcastle, within the framework of Erasmus +, the training Euroimpact was held, organized by the NGO Opportunity International. Three members of the NGO "Stella", namely Alla Shakhova, Alena Tryfonova and Andrii Bystrov presented Ukraine at the international meeting of active youth.

Andrii Bystrov: «For me the most interesting experience at the training was practical sociological work on the streets of Newcastle! It was a unique opportunity to communicate with the British right on the street, to find out their real opinion about Ukraine and to discuss topical issues of European integration and Brexit».

Training was conducted by three experienced trainers from Romania and Great Britain. They were using all the methods of informal training

Alena Tryfonova: «The tasks were varied and demonstrative. Moreover, there were a lot of exercises-energizers for each new block. Thanks to this, we managed to participate actively in all workshops during every day».

At the training itself, the participants focused on the effect that can be achieved in youth work. How can you measure the impact of social initiatives on youth and on what outcome youth workers can count? Also, representatives of Ukraine received a unique opportunity to establish new contacts and present the NGO "Stella" at the international level. Separate modules of the training course were devoted to the development and implementation of the participants projects.

Alla Shakhova: «The course was entirely dedicated to the influence that projects have on both local and European levels. We talked about the projects analysis, their structure, and the importance of quality PR and the information spreading. Undoubtedly, the course was diluted by various methods of non-formal education - icebreakers, energy activities and games, which allowed to summarize the information set out for this week».