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Equal Opportunities to Disadvantaged in Rural Areas, Czech Republic

And again Ahoj from Česká Lipa!

We had already passed the equator of the project and there are a lot of things which I want to share about our project and about the Czech Republic.



Before moving to Czech Republic I heard a lot of jokes about Czech and beer, but I couldn`t imagine that it wasn`t a joke actually. From Monday till Sunday from afternoon till night there are always some people in pubs having beers.

But the most shocking thing is how active and sportive these people are at the same time. On weekend they aren`t staying home to relax before next working week. They take children, dogs, grandmothers, grandfathers etc and go hiking to one place or hiking to another place or another another place. They walk and discover new areas, they enjoy nature and beer, of course.

One winter day after reaching the top of mountain and ordering hot chocolate in the cafe on the top to warm up a little bit I saw some Czech who were drinking beer there. Beer. On the mountain. In winter. Welcome to the Czech Republic :)



But the lifestyle of these people inspires me to travel not only to other countries (Hungary, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Portugal, Switzerland for this moment) but inside the Czech Republic as well. Each weekend we are trying to go somewhere: discover new lakes, hike in mountains, visit some small towns. It isn`t possible to stay in one place while a lot of interesting places are just around you.



About our project activities from December till May we held interactive lessons and workshops for students of secondary and high schools in Česká Lipa. At the beginning it was quite challenging for me, because I am not a teacher and had never worked with children especially in English before. But thanks to the project I learned how to write lesson plan, discovered different kind of activities for the lesson and feel myself more confident in the classroom.



But it isn`t all yet. We also have EU seminars, English and Czech classes and peer-to-peer lessons during which we are teaching each other our native languages and it`s truly so interesting for us.



And now it`s time for us to plan our summer activities and enjoy the time here.

Čau and have a good summer!

Yuliia Bobyr, 22 years old, Dnipro