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Effective Communication Tools for You(th)

Recently 3 participants from NGO “Stella” have returned from the training course “Effective Communication Tools for You(th)” held on 23rd – 31st of August 2019 in Radava, Slovakia. The project was implemented in frames of KA105 Erasmus + projects: Mobility of youth workers and gathered together 30 youth workers, educators, teachers, and project managers from 14 European countries to develop their communication and interpersonal competencies and to exchange best practices in communication among youth NGOs in Europe.  



The training program covered many communication aspects such as non-verbal communication, assertiveness, negotiation and manipulation, communication in stress situations, online communication,  mass communication & campaigning, ect..

The best part is that the program was delivered by non-formal education methods such as workshops, games, discussions, role-plays, presentations, and despite the intensity, the learning process was fascinating and left space for fun and reflections, personal sharings and intercultural dialogue.


The final day also left space for evaluating learning outcomes and obtaining the official recognition of the learning - Youthpass Certificate in unofficial atmosphere.  The last evening was highly emotional - after one wonderful week together farewell became one of the biggest challenges, heartbreaking and warmful at the same time.



“I am very grateful for this experience, the training was very meaningful and fruitful and it happened exactly when I needed it the most:) Communication tools were just one of the things I have learned, moreover, I gained valuable insights about myself and my communication competencies, valuable practice in negotiations and conflict resolution, many discoveries about different cultures and a lot of inspiration. 

I was very impressed by the enthusiasm and the dedication of the team of trainers to the quality of the project, how they managed to deliver a large amount of information in an interactive and engaging way and make it memorable and fun. Besides a very packed and useful program of the training, I have met amazing and inspiring people to learn from. 14 different countries - it takes a very looong intercultural evening, a lot of fun and discoveries, a great synergy and a spirit of tolerance and friendship:) The group dynamics during the training will remain a great example of a successful implementation of effective communication tools, high level of understanding, support and cooperation, building up bridges between people with different backgrounds.” 

Tetiana Mazurenko