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EVS in Romania is the destruction of all stereotypes!

"ShoeBox" is a project that combines the work of 8 volunteers from Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Jordan. The project lasts for 5.5 months. During this time, the ShoeBox team works with children who have health problems, as well as organizes public events for the collection of various essential items for the children of the city of Craiova.



This project is funded by the European Commission (European Union) within the Erasmus + program. The project coordinator is ANTER (Asociatia Nationala de Sprijinire a Tineretului Ecologist din Romania), located in the city of Craiova, Romania.



In general, the project consists of 3 parts:

- Development of community events for collecting toys / school supplies / hygiene / clothing for children and youth from the city of Craiova, Dolj County, which have some difficulties;



- Development of public measures for the dissemination of information concerning children's rights among parents: development and dissemination of materials for the public, organization of public events;



- Developing events called "Birthday Donations". The people that will celebrate their birthdays, for example in February, can announce their family/friends that will donate their birthday to a child/youngster in need that is celebrating his birthday in the same month. With the support and involvement of the EVS volunteers, there will be organised surprise events for the child/youngster with the participation of the people that will bring the gifts for them.



So far, this is the first project for the two volunteers of the NGO “Stella”, but during the last 3 month they have received their extraordinary EVS experience in the hospitality organization ANTER and in Romania in a whole.



EVS in Romania is the destruction of all stereotypes!


Iryna Radchenko and Maksym Ivashchenko, EVS volunteers in Romania