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EVS in Romania: Purple Project

The New Year is approaching and the second half of my project is approaching too. 2.5 months has just passed, and experience is already at least fulfilled, it is terrible to even think what it will be after the end of my EVS.



During this time I spent in Romania, I cannot mention any negative attitude towards the project. It's not a job, it's volunteering, which is very different from ordinary employment. If you do not like what you're doing - you can change it, just suggest your idea. In general, what we do here is very useful for my experience, because I plan to use it in the future as well.



We work with children of 5-10 grades like intercultural educators and organizers of several events and flash mobs for youth. It is especially interesting to do this not in the native language. Every day we improve English because communication in international language between volunteers and locals is only one way. We also try to learn Romanian, because not everyone knows English, and if you need to buy something, or ask for a way, or something else, you need to try to remember all the words and constructions that I've learned right away. In general, Romanians are very polite to foreigners, they will always help and give a smile.



The culture of Romania is similar to Ukrainian, and even national costumes are very similar. But at the same time, the difference is: their national dishes, their own language, which is not at all like ours, their holidays. This is a beautiful country and sometimes it seems that the Romanians are one step ahead of us, especially when you see their money that cannot be broken, nice architecture even in small cities and solar panels on the fields. But when you see garbage on the roadside behind the city and a large number of people who are still moving on wheels with horses, you begin to doubt it a bit.



It's all easy to see while traveling during our free time. For me, soon there will be a third trip by hitchhiking in Romania, and also there was one big in the direction of Bulgaria - Macedonia - Serbia - Romania. My life will not be the same as before, because I started to travel and I'm not going to stop.



In our free time, we live almost the same as at home, I only changed a bit daily routine: I began to attend dance classes, and also, in addition to Romanian, I started learn Italian. Also, at home I do not have so much time for parties every night, but while I'm here – I’m enjoying what I have :)


Oleksandr Makovei, 23 years old, Severodonetsk