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EVS in Romania

“Purple” project consist of 7 volunteers from such countries as Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Jordan. There are 2 stages, each of them is 5 months. During this time “ Purple” works with children and youngsters, lead and create sports activities, gain new knowledge and experience, take part in the social life of the community and try to do unusual things, generate new ideas.



This project funded by European Commission (European Union) through Erasmus+ program. Coordinating organization is ANTER (Asociatia Nationala de Sprijinire a Tineretului Ecologist din Romania) located in Craiova city, Romania. 



In general, there are 4 parts of project activities:

-  Dialogue and communication. It is work with children and teenagers in schools. Presenting and discussing about such topics as  intercultural education, LGBT and preventing of bullying, interethnic and interreligious dialogue, diversity in the context of the European values through show presentations, lead lessons, discussions.



-    The creative practical workshop: creating with students in schools costumes which show  European values: democracy, peace, tolerance, diversity etc.

-   "Purple Club"- work with people with autism in special center by spend time together, play games, have outdoor activities, care about them.



-    Non-formal journalism: creating documentary movie and brochures which explain   main goals and activities of project; make interviews which touched topics and activities for show different opinions, different points of views; lead web-site and pages in social networks.



Another important part of the project is participation and organization such events like Europe`s Day, International Children`s Day, Friendship Day, International youth day,  Global village – event which present culture, traditions, music, and dances of different countries, sport event “Game of knights” in cooperation with youngsters of Craiova, also creating and leading games, sport activities.



Currently, four volunteers from NGO "Stella" have already received their amazing EVS experience in Romania in the hospitality organization ANTER. Two volunteers will start their project in early October and two more in early November.



EVS in Romania - it is exciting and interesting!