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EVS… Your Global Learning Journey, Turkey

I always wanted to try myself in volunteering. "EVS ... Your Global Learning Journey" in Gaziantep has become my first experience in international projects of this type.

Gaziantep is an eastern Turkish city with a rich history and culture. Despite the fact that during our project the temperature in the shade rarely dropped below+40, and there was no any cloud in the sky, I spent wonderful months studying the cultural traditions of the Middle East.

Our days were full of various activities that we did in the framework of this project: we taught English Syrian kids, played with Turkish orphans, crafted a kite withAfghankids, talked about different life topics with Turkish youth in a conversation club. Thanks to the excellent team of mentors and local volunteers who helped us a lot in organisation differe ntactivities and working stuff.


Our weekends were full of adventures and discovering new Turkish towns and communication with interesting people. "EVS ... Your Global Learning Journey is a project that gives the unforgettable emotions and experience that you will remember all your life. I advise to all Ukrainian volunteers do not delay and be sure to try yourself in this wonderful project. You will definitely not be upset.

Tetiana Dolgier, Dnipropetrovsk