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EVS: FAIR Equal Opportunities to Disadvantaged in Rural Areas, Czech Republic

Let me introduce our project or "Ahoj" from Česká Lípa

Ahoj! Já jsem Yuliia, jsem z Ukrajinu.

As you probably guessed, I`m trying to show you my knowledge of Czech language. Aaand of course, you`ll be absolutely right if you suppose that my project takes place in the Czech Republic. "FAIR Equal Opportunities to Disadvantaged in Rural Areas" project had started on November 1 in Česká Lípa (the city in the Liberec Region, 67 km north of Prague and not away from German and Polish borders).



As I understand now, the first month was mostly aimed at adapting us to the new country, new culture and new places of work and life. From 9 till 14 November we had an on-arrival training in another part of Czech Republic, near Ostravice. Honestly, I didn`t expected much from it because I had an intensive and informative pre-departure training with my Sending Organization and my Hosting Organization already gave us enough information. Buuuut, at this moment, I understand how important it is to take part in on-arrival training, because I did not only broaden my understanding of different aspects of EVS projects but I also met other volunteers from different countries, I shared information about my and learnt about their projects.

Last week we finally started our main activities in high and secondary schools. This month we`re going to present our countries to children in different interactive ways as quizzes, games etc.



In addition to this, we also have EU seminars, individual meetings with our tutor which help us develop our competences and grow up as personalities. Each of us wrote an individual learning plan for one or half of a year, because EVS project is not only about volunteering, it`s also about learning. Also, we have language classes, which are held by the Head of our NGO (English and Czech languages) as well as by the volunteers - we teach each other our mother languages, too. And I am more than happy that Emilie (our French volunteer) chose Ukrainian language and just in a few days we will have our first Ukrainian lesson.

As for my free time here, I am trying to spend weekends away from Česká Lípa. Not because I don’t like this city, but just because I want to explore this county and others as much as possible. It could be meeting with new friends from on-arrival training in Prague or Brno, one-day trip to Budapest or climbing on Ještěd Mountain. It doesn`t matter if it is far away or near my city, I just don`t want to sit in one place and waste time. Because I'm afraid that one year is not enough for all my ideas, that`s why now I`m going to write to do list for this year and make it a reality as soon as possible!



Yuliia Bobyr, 21 years old, Dnipropetrovsk