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Drive your life, Greece

From 23 to 31 October 2016, 7 representatives of NGO "Stella" took part in the youth exchange “Drive your life” which was held in the beautiful picturesque mountain village Spileo in Greece. The project was organized by Greek organization "Hellas for Us" in the framework of the ERASMUS+ Programme. It brought together 4 countries which have high rates of traffic accidents: Ukraine, Greece, Georgia and Hungary. The aim of the youth exchange was to identify the main reasons of high road fatality rates and to find ways to prevent them.

Despite the fact that all participants came from different countries, they all worked successfully as one team. During 7 days they had an opportunity to explore the main reasons of traffic accidents and the ways to prevent them, learnt how to provide first aid and how to act under unexpected and critical circumstances. Not only the accidents on the roads of participants' home countries were taken into consideration, but also those from other European countries. Without a doubt, the input of every participant was considerable as in addition to discussing the main topics of the project they exchanged their experience, presented their countries and traditions and strengthened their network for future collaboration. The Ukrainian team created a video where it is possible to see the interaction between the different countries, as well as the charming places that the participants of the project had a chance to visit.



The beauty of Shpileo, located on the top of a hill as high as 1024 metres, the sincerity of the people who participated in the project and the hospitality of Greece created a magical atmosphere that prevailed during the project and is still prevailing in the memories of each participant.

We would like to thank Eleni Lamprini, the President of Spileo and everyone who contributed into the organization of this youth exchange! It was a very useful and inspiring experience on many levels.