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Different Cultures – One world, Italy

Hello, everyone! I decided to write a report about my participation in a Youth Exchange ;“Different Cultures – One world” that took place between 30 September and 9 October 2016, and that was financed by the European Commission in the framework of Erasmus+ Programme. It was held in a picturesque region of Abruzzo in Italy, that is very close to the Adriatic Sea.

This project brought together 30 young people from Italy, Ukraine, Spain, Macedonia and Georgia. All participants are amazing people and I am really happy that I met them in Italy.

The main topics of the Youth Exchange were supporting development of world cultures, promoting the culture of peace, anti-discrimination, better understanding of cultural diversity and multiculturalism in our world. We had lot of interesting activities such as lectures, workshops and excursions. Every day of the project was perfectly planned in such a way that we did not only work enough in groups developing our projects but we also had a lot of free time to explore Pescara and Chieti cities, to swim in the sea and simply to enjoy and relax. We lived in a luxurious hotel "Parc Hotel Villa Immacolata" and everyone fell in love with this place.

I think that during this Youth Exchange every participant discovered something new about each participating country. It is really important to ruin prejudices and stereotypes in our minds, be open-minded and respectful to all cultures and nationalities. We worked a lot on this topic, we developed ourselves, shared and changed many ideas and enjoyed every moment there.

I was absolutely fascinated by the idea of an intercultural evening when Ukrainians presented Spanish team and Georgians presented Macedonian team. Of course, the whole evening was dedicated to the presentation of beautiful Italy. It was funny to try dancing flamenco, and to observe& how Spanish guys learned Ukrainian folk dances in “vyshyvankas”.

I still cannot believe that this amazing project has already finished. I would like to say a huge “Thank you” to the organizers of this event - youth NGO “Stella” in my home city Kharkiv, organization “Identities” in Chieti, Italy (the organizer Luca made everything possible and impossible in order to make participants feel very comfortable and happy), youth association “Droni” from Georgia, organization“Scream” represented by the creative Macedonian team and a very active organization “Las Ninas de Tul” from Granada, Spain. A special thanks to Lukasz, our cool team-leader.

This project, our intercultural team and Italy will be always in my heart.