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Hi everyone! My name is Ira, I am 22 and now I am doing EVS in Leipzig, Germany. My project devoted to working with children in kindergarten. I am really happy to be here and get this valuable experience.



What is EVS? There are a lot of trivial things told about it, for example: adventures abroad, meeting new people from all over the world, discovering new cultures, travelling, learning language in native environment, going out of your comfort zone etc. All people who plan EVS used to hear things like this. And it’s really true. I agree with all this statements. What impressed me the most in EVS it’s that fact that all these things happen simultaneously. And it’s amazing!!! EVS changes not only habits and everyday actions, but worldview and horizons.



Some months of my project passed very quickly. Every day I did and do new things. But working with children I like the most. Every day I play with children, make children`s day care, help educators and spend time with pleasure. Especially, it’s very interesting because of German language and you need supporting of your colleges. German kindergartens orientated on natural development of children, that is why mostly we are outside and do a lot of activities there.  Also, I like to tell children something about Ukraine, though they haven’t a clue, what the country is it and where am I from, but they listen with interest. 



Also, for me interesting is studying language with international people. I was surprised to notice many different accents and ways of pronunciation. It is very funny moment when you want to cheat something from your «table neighbor» but you can’t, because his translation consists of hieroglyphs. 



And, of course, one of the reasons to apply for a project is European lifestyle. I really like it. Every day ride a bike, travelling possibilities, reading book in a park, sitting on the grass and minimum worries about life. 



For me, EVS is changing of lifestyle. Who is ready for it, I recommend. Lets search projects of your dreams!

P.S Life is one, and without EVS - it’s a mistake =*


Iryna Kozhukh, 22 years old, Kyiv