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Community goes Europe!

Ten days have passed since I arrived to Ukraine and it's time to sum up everything. It was a fulfilling year with so much of new experience, projects and travelling. I've been volunteering in CGE - Culture Goes Europe and helping with implementing projects on different stages, making local events and youth exchanges happen. I knew about EVS/ESC before, but I didn't realise there are so many other Erasmus+ opportunities like youth exchanges (for youngsters) and tranings (for people of different age!). You only need a strong motivation and some English speaking skills to apply. So take as many of these opportunities as you can.



This year spent in the heart of Thuringia, Germany and other countries gave me many instruments, knowledge, project management skills, taught how to facilitate sessions moderate discussions and write projects. I also have met many inspiring people from all around Europe and world, have been to 10 countries (9 new ones), improved my German to B1-B2 level, became more environmentally friendly, changed my habits. Found people who became close not only for this year, but for many years to come.

There were many happy moments, but also challenges, feeling of incredible freedom, but also responsibility, hesitations, moments when I needed to be brave and talk about my feelings. There were also many adventures and stories that I can tell many times. It inspires a lot, makes you realise what you want in your life and that borders between countries don't matter that much. We create the longest borders in our mind when hide ourselves from others and have prejudices, don't try to understand. When we think that with better conditions we can succeed and with worse - we have no chances. When we are afraid - to speak up, seem weak, stand for our rights, dignity or something important.



We have a choice - either to create borders or build bridges. And here are some bridges and beautiful views and details from Erfurt that became a distant home to me which I want to returt to many times. This all wouldn't be possible without Marina Bykova, CGE Culture Goes Europe team, presence and warmth of many other people.

Bis bald!



Anastasiia Soholovska, Kyiv